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All products under SALE are strictly not returnable and no free shipping.

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Accumulate Spend in 12months

RM 1,500

RM 2,900

Birthday Discount (one-time use on birthday month)

20% off
(excluding sale / special discount / More+ items)

30% off
(excluding sale / special discount / More+ items)

VIPs Discount

3% off
(excluding sale / special discount / More+ items)

5% off
(excluding sale / special discount / More+ items)

Free Shipping (Malaysia only)

Min RM120
(excluding sale / special discount / More+ items)

Min RM100
(excluding sale / special discount / More+ items)

Exclusive Event / special Gift



**Spending accumulation is updated only upon completion of order and based on invoice amount, excluding shipping fee. 

  • How to become our VIP or VVIP?
    Just sign up on the site as a registered user and you will automatically be a Regular member. To be upgraded to a VIP, spend at least RM1,500 within 12 months timeframe to qualify as our VIP. Spend an additional RM1,400 within the same time period to upgraded to our VVIP.

  • How can I redeem my Birthday Discount?
    Birthday Discount will be auto applicable for first purchase made during birthday month. Birthday discount can only be redeemed during the calendar month of your birthday as indicated in your account details.

  • After I redeem my Birthday Discount, am I still entitled for other discounts?
    Birthday Discount cannot be used together with any ongoing discount/sale except for Free Shipping benefits. Order placed using birthday discount are strictly not eligible for returns/exchanges.

  • What if I use a discount code on my purchase?
    Your purchase with a discount code still entitle you to:
    - VIP/VVIP discount;
    - Min Free Shipping; and
    - Accumulate spend towards achieving or maintaining your tier status.

  • How can I maintain my Tier Status?
    ​​To maintain your VIP / VVIP status, you must continue to meet the minimum spend for your tier within 365 days of qualifying for that tier. VVIP: spend RM2,900 or more within 12 months to maintain your status. VIP: spend RM1,500 - RM2,899 to maintain your status. In the event you do not meet the minimum requirement, your membership will be adjusted to reflect the tier your spend has qualified you for.

    BE OUR VIP's program starting date is 26 July 2021.